Printing FAQ

Printing FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions About Printing

Q? What are your hours?
A. Mon - Fri: 7:30am - 5:30pm
Saturday: 9am - 12:30pm


Q? What is the best way to send Digital Insight Printing my artwork?
A. Through the upload feature on our web site. Files up to 1GB accepted.


Q? Why should I choose Digital Insight Printing?
A. Because we ROCK!  Ask your current printer if THEY can have it ready TODAY without a RUSH fee??!?!


Q? What is the difference between CD "duplication" and CD "replication" ?
A. Here at Digital Insight Printing we get asked this question a lot, so we thought we would write a brief   explanation to help our customers better understand the difference.
CD duplication (or burning) is the process of copying on to blank CD-R media. This is best suited to short runs and jobs that demand the fastest turnaround time. Orders in size of 100 to 1000 will generally be handled using this method. CD replication (or pressing) is the process of first making a "glass master" and then pressing the discs from this master. This is also known as "stamping" the discs as they are physically pressed into raw aluminum blanks. This process takes a bit longer (generally about 7-10 days) and is only cost effective for larger runs of 1000 or more CD's. Here at Digital Insight Printing we have 2 methods of printing on the actual "tops" of the CD media. The top of the disc is called the CD "label" or the CD "face". We can assist with the graphic design if needed. Artwork file specifications and PDF templates can be viewed on our templates page. For CD "duplication" the CD "face" is generally applied using "printable surface" CDR media. In this case the CDR discs are printed using an "ink jet" based process. For CD "replication" it is applied using a "silk screen" method. The capacity of a CD is 700MB, regardless of whether it is an Audio CD or a CD-ROM. The maximum number of minutes that a CD may contain is limited to 79 minutes and 58 seconds. This is the same for both duplication and replication. If live in Las Vegas or are visiting Las Vegas for a convention or and event, we can handle all of your CD and DVD duplication and replication needs. Here at Digital Insight Printing, we pride ourselves in getting it right the first time.....every time. 

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